WET: An Advanced Infrastructure for Generation, Storage, and Analysis of Program Execution Traces

The WET project is an open source software infrastructure that is capable of tracing and analyzing long program executions, featuring customizability, extensibility, and most importantly, the capability of collecting prolific types of execution traces for realistic executions on single-threaded and multi-threaded programs. WET can enable rapid prototyping for data verification, computer architecture, compilers, embedded systems, software engineering (such as building testers and debuggers), security (such as designing watermarking), and information flow analysis tools.

WET is freely available. The current release is able to collect and output tracing information from program executions, and to compress the collected traces. Future releases will allow for trace analysis using program slicing.

The WET project is funded by NSF grant CNS-0751949/0708199 to the University of California, Riverside and NSF grant CNS-0708464 to Purdue University.